Friday, April 25, 2008

Back on track

While on vaca I slacked in the eating right department. So since we've been back I have jumped right back on the wagon. Since Sunday I have stuck to my daily caloric budget, had plenty of water, enough protein, and not too much fat (30%). I am proud to say that I weigh the same as before I left. I am also working out and adding weight and/or reps to my strength days. I injured my foot in Hawaii and cannot run but I can do weights and the elliptical. My butt is sore today and I LOVE it!!

This post is not only a pat on my back from myself but it is a reminder that I feel great and want to keep this up. I know I will be tempted by things this weekend but I really want to stay on track for now. Besides, summer is around the corner and I would love to hang out in short shorts and my swimming suit all season.

For those reading this I encourage you to jump back on the wagon if you have fallen, stay on the wagon if you are still there, or start pulling the wagon if you need a plateau breaker. If I can do it, so can you. Set yourself up for SUCCESS. Don't plan to fail. You and I both are in this together.


Meghan said...

Way to get "back in the groove"! You should be very proud of yourself for so quickly getting back to your healthy routines.

Bethany said...

Go Leisa! Good motivation! Thanks!