Sunday, October 26, 2008

Wednesday Leg Plyometrics

First off, this workout is super tough. But what did you expect from "Tough Girl"? You'll only do about 30-45 minutes of this workout depending on how long you rest in between. But you'll burn major calories in that short amount of time. The explanations are below the workout:

Warm up for 3 minutes (walk in place, side to side lunges, etc.)

Lunge Jumps-15 each leg
Hanging crunch-15 reps

Plie jumps-20 reps
Weighted Double Crunch-20 reps with 15 pounds

Squat, Squat Jump-15 reps
Weighted Oblique Dips-20 each side with 15 pounds

One Leg Jump-15 each side
Stability Ball Roll outs-15-30 reps

Lunge jumps are just as they sound. Start in a split stance (one leg in front of the other), lunge down then explosively jump up and switch feet in the air landing with the opposite foot in front. This is all done in a fluid motion with no stops.

Hanging crunch can be done by hanging on a chin up bar and lifting straight legs as high as they go (aim to touch the bar with your feet)

Plie jumps start in a wide stance, feet turned out 45 degrees. Squat down so thighs are parallel with the floor, then jump up (keeping legs wide) and land in the same starting position. Repeat until all reps are done.

Weighted double crunch: On your back grab a 15 pound dumbbell in both hands over your chest. Feet are in the air pointing toward the ceiling. Crunch both the shoulders and the hips off the ground at the same time reaching the dumbbell toward toes.

Squat, squat jump: Feet are hip width apart, hands held in front of chest for balance, squat low and return to start then squat low and jump as high as you can landing into another squat. Repeat.

Weighted oblique: Lie on side with just one elbow and your feet that are stacked. Weight is at hip being held by hand. Dip down a couple inches then back up for one rep.

One leg jump: Find a stair, sturdy low table or workout step. Stand with your side facing the step and one leg on top. Jump with the leg on the step and land without touching bottom foot (it is just for balance if needed). It kind of looks like you are skipping in place with only one foot.

Stability ball roll outs: Stand in front of a ball. Place elbows on top and step feet back until you are balancing on your elbows and toes and body forms a straight line from shoulders to heels. Roll ball out a few inches and back in while sucking your belly button in hard.

Good luck! If you have any questions I LOVE comments.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tuesday's Cardio Workout

When I say cardio I mean any activity that gets your heart rate up and keeps it up for a significant amount of time. Some of the best cardio activities require little to no special equipment. Here are some indoor options for you:

Jump Rope: Do this for 20 minutes and you'll be feeling that heart of yours as it beats out of your chest.

Dance Dance Revolution: No, not the video game, but if you turn up your I-Pod or the radio and dance your heart out for 30 or so minutes not only will you get a great cardio workout but you'll have a good time too!

Jack, Ski, Jog, Repeat: Jumping jacks, ski jumps, jog in place with high knees, then repeat. Each exercise is done for one minute. Keep this up for as long as possible but if you make it more than 20-30 minutes at a time I'll be seriously impressed!

Stair Run: Got stairs? Run up and down them over and over and get the idea.

Super Woman House Cleaner: If your house gets as messy as mine, then you can tackle two chores at once. Pretend like you are late for an important meeting and clean like a crazy woman. You'll get the whole house clean in about an hour and you'll get your heart rate up for that long too, which counts for a cardio activity.

There are many more ideas and I'm sure you can all think of some. Leave a comment and let others know your secret "get fit at home" trick.


Sorry! I got busy and forgot to add onto our Winter Workout. Stay tuned...I'll have some time later today and I'll finish up our week. Tis the season to get busy!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Monday's Winter Workout

If you didn't see the previous post, read that one first. Okay, now you are ready for workout number one.

Monday: Arm and Cardio Circuit

You'll need a jump rope (real or imaginary), hand weights, chin up bar, and stability ball. You will do one set of the arm exercise indicated followed by one set of the ab exercise then one minute of the cardio listed. Repeat all exercises two more times, then move to the next group of exercises. Explanation or pictures of exercises are at the end of the post.

Warm up with 3 minutes of light cardio: marching in place, windmills, arm swings, grapevines.

Chin ups: as many as you can, even if you have to jump up and lower down slowly
Back Extensions on ball: 30 reps, no weight
Jumping Jacks: 1 minute

Push Ups: 15 reps, do as many as you can on your feet then finish out on knees if needed
Plank Taps: 30 reps each side, start in plank position and tap each knee to the floor while twisting the torso
Jump Rope: 1 minute

Concentration Curl: 15 each arm
Hanging Crunch: 30 reps, using chin up bar
Jog in place with high knees: 1 minute
Tricep Dip: using coffee table or sturdy chair, 20 reps
Pendulum: 10 each side
Speed Skater: 1 minute
Back extension with ball
Plank Taps
Hanging Crunch
Concentration Curl

Tricep Dip


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Winter Workouts

Now is the time of year that some people stop working out. Not because they think they are too busy. But usually because it is just too D@*% cold outside. Only they most dedicated runners can suit up in 75 layers to brave the windchill and slippery sidewalks.

Enter the gym. Don't have a gym membership? No problem! You have a gym in your own home and you don't even have to pay extra. Using household items can give you a great workout. The only hard part? Staying out of the kitchen and off the couch. Dedicate a small chunk of time during each day for your workout. Also dedicate a small corner, room, or even hallway for your workouts.

Okay, lets recap. We've decided that it's too cold to exercise outside. We've set aside a certain time each day to workout. And we've designated a space in your own home to be "the gym". Great, now lets get started!

If you are feeling really dedicated you can run out to the nearest Walmart, Sports Authority, or Big 5 and buy a few key items. A stability ball, 3-4 sets of hand weights (10 pounds and up), a jump rope, and even a chin up bar is all you'll need. Not in the market for new equipment? No problem. Just use these substitutions; a coffee table or chair instead of the ball, clean milk jugs filled with sand or dry beans hand weights, and an imaginary jump rope for (you guessed it!) the jump rope. Even your own kids can be usful heavy dumbbells. The chin up bar is a little difficult to substitute, but if you have any ideas leave me a comment.

Now for the workouts:

Monday: Arm and Cardio Circuit

Tuesday: Cardio

Wednesday: Leg Plyometrics

Thursday: Cardio

Friday: Arm and Leg Combination Circuit

Saturday: Fun Group Exercise

Sunday: Active Rest

Are you excited yet? We'll you'll just have to contain that excitement for a little longer. Stay tuned for explanations of the workouts. That will give you time to do what you need. Block out a time, find an empty space for your "gym", and gather exercise equipment.

Come back soon...