Tuesday, February 10, 2009

P90X Core Synergistics

Wow! This is my new favorite DVD from P90X. I LOVE it! This is a total body workout that involves multiple muscle groups at one time for serious calorie burn and muscle tone. I used no more than 8 pound hand weights and I felt like I was running a 10K. Some of my favorite exercises from this video are as follows:

Staggered hand push ups: In push up position place one hand more forward than normal and one hand back more than normal. Stack your toes (so you are on just one foot) and do 5 push ups. Then switch hand and feet positions and do 5 more. Keep going until you can't go anymore!

Lunge with kickback and curl press: This one is hard to explain but I'll try. With weights in hand lunge forward and keep back leg straight. While in the lunge, lean forward, pull elbows back and weights close to chest and perform a tricep kickback. While still in the lunge straighten upper body and perform a curl press (bicep curl right into a overhead press and reverse to the start) then stand up out of lunge. Repeat process on other side for one rep. Repeat for 14 reps. Killer!

The Dreya Roll: Stand in front of yoga mat or soft surface. Sit on heels and roll back pointing toes to the ceiling (in gymnastics we call this a candlestick). Roll back up to standing position without arms if possible and do an X jump (star jump). Repeat for 1 minute.

The Banana Roll: This one is hard to explain too but (again) I'll try. Lie on your back and lift arms, shoulders and legs off the ground. You should look like a banana shape. Hold for 10 seconds then roll onto one side and hold for 10 more seconds. Roll onto stomach in a "superman" position and hold for 10 more seconds. Roll onto other side and hold 10 seconds. Your core is engaged the ENTIRE time. Repeat several many as possible.

If you want any demonstrations on these exercises I'd be happy to post a video. All you have to do is ask. Thanks!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Straight Leg Lunge

Try this "fun" exercise:

Straight Leg Lunge: using a chair or bench, place your back foot on top of it and step your front foot forward. Making sure your back leg stays straight and your front knee stays behind your front toe, bend down and up 25 times on each leg. You can add weight or not. I do these without weight and still feel it the next day deep in my inner thigh and hamstrings.

Add this exercise to your leg routine doing two to three sets. Enjoy!