Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tip of the Day--SNACKS

Snacks are good. The right kind of snacks are even better. Here is a list of my favorite snacks that tide me over until my next meal. Please add your favorite snack foods to the comment section. I always like new snack ideas. Thanks!

  • light string cheese and an apple
  • handful of almonds (12-24)
  • bowl of Kashi GoLean with soy milk
  • Western Bagel wheat bagel with WW light cream cheese
  • Skippy Natural Peanut Butter (just on a spoon)
  • banana or apple dipped in melted PB
  • protein shake
  • snap peas
  • Fiber One Caramel Delight cereal, dry
  • Fiber One granola bar
  • any 100 calorie pack snack
  • South Beach Diet high protein cereal bar

I am sure there are others but these are the ones I like best. The trick is to eat something with a little healthy fat, some protein, and carbs. Or veggies plain since they have fiber and we typically don't get enough veggies in our diets. Snack time is a great time to fill fiber or veggie requirements. It is also a great boost to your day and can help you from scarfing down your next meal because you are so famished.

Remember to add your favs to the comments.


Bethany said...

Since Tyler delivers produce right now we always have grapes! I love them. Or half an avocado!

Leisa said...

Really? I've never just eaten an avocado by it's self. Great omegas and healthy fats in those! I like my grapes frozen in the summer. Yum!

Meghan said...

I like the Special K Protein Bars, too. The peanut butter flavor is the best, I think. Popcorn is also good, either air popped or the light, natural microwave. That stuff fills me up and is really low in cals and fat.

Leisa said...

Oh, yeah. I forgot popcorn. I buy the 100 calorie mini bags. Butter is my fav but Kettle Corn is good too.

Heidi said...

I just tried these protein pancakes and they sound weird, but are actually pretty good and loaded with all the right stuff.
1/2 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup cottage cheese
3 egg whites
a little cinnamon if you want
blend it all up in your blender (it really does become like pancake batter) and cook them just like pancakes on a little lower heat so they cook all the way through. I top it with fresh strawberries or some yummy fruit. They are really filling (more a meal then a snack, but only around a 250-300 cal meal depending on your topping.)

Leisa said...

Sounds good! I love pancakes.

Cammie said...

Great snack ideas everyone. We love raisins at our house.