Friday, May 23, 2008

Day 4

I don't feel hungry anymore. That empty feeling in my gut is gone and I my stomach doesn't growl like it did at the beginning of the week. I have to remind myself to eat when I start getting low on energy. Actually food in general just doesn't sound good. Weird. My face is breaking out because of excess oil (this is supposed to be normal with detox) but I had to cinch my belt to the next hole today. Here are some stats:

  • Starting weight: 136.6
  • Weight on Day 4: 132.4

  • Starting average daily calories: 2100
  • Average daily calories now: 1055 (I know it is extremely low and not a balanced diet, I don't promote this diet to anyone unless they are seriously struggling with eating compulsion or food addiction!)

  • Favorite food last week: PB sandwiches, cookies, doughnuts
  • Favorite food this week: Fruit salad--one banana, 4 large strawberries chopped, one clementine mixed with 3 Tbs orange juice and cinnamon to taste

I'll keep posting about this, stay tuned to see if it is all worth it. BTW...I am nervous about Memorial Day weekend coming up and Tre's Birthday next week. Lots and lots of temptations. Family, friends, food, and fun could spell disaster.

I am strong, I am in control of my eating habits, I love my body and will treat it right.


Meghan said...

Hang in there through the special occasions. YOU CAN DO IT! Think about how good you'll feel when you post about your success next week!

One question...what happens after 30 days on this diet?

Leisa said...

Supposedly I will have learned to control myself when it comes to food. This Ebook that I read suggests going on a 30 day juice only fast then another 30 day fruit and vegetable detox for a total of 90 days. NO THANKS! I am just hoping for some insight, inspiration, and to know that I can do something I put my mind to.

Cammie said...

I'm sure you can do anything that you put your mind to.