Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 5

It's been five day of eating only fruits, vegetable, and a little peanut butter. At this point I feel proud, in control, happy, and skinny. I have lost 4.2 pounds so far (probably water) but feel 30 pounds lighter. My clothes fit better, I hold myself higher because I am not ashamed of being a hypocrite, and I feel in control. Food doesn't have control over me...I have control over it.

Fruits and vegetables have a more intense taste now. A fresh strawberry or some frozen banana pieces explode in my mouth and I'm pretty sure they have a party. Last night we went out to dinner. Wingers no less. I ordered the Chicken Mango Salad minus the chicken, almonds, dressing, and tortilla strips. A huge bowl of satisfying crisp lettuce, soft juicy mango pieces, and candy-like Craisins. Add a little tiny bit of poppy seed dressing (I'm talking maybe a teaspoon) and I was in heaven. Sounds corny but it's the truth.

I haven't had any cravings as of yet. I know it's early still but they say the first week is the hardest. After Monday, it's all down hill. The trick will be when (if) I start eating other healthy foods like lean protein, whole grains, light sauces and dressings, and small portions of my favorite treats.

Memorial Day will not have a hold on me. I'll have some fun for sure, but it will not revolve around food thank you very much.


Cammie said...

You are rocking this diet! My goodness!

Meghan said...

What I love most about your posts this week is how positive you are...How in control you sound. I love that fruit parties in your mouth and that you're not willing to let food control you. I look forward to the day that my knee is healed enough that I can really concentrate on food, concentrate on it in a positive way like you are doing. Have a great day TODAY.

Leisa said...

Thanks guys!