Monday, January 12, 2009


I am a complete and udder slacker. Life gets busy and I quit blogging for Tough Girl. So I am here to say I am sorry and I will be adding more posts in the coming months. Thanks for being patient.

Tip of the Week:

Food is just food and nothing more. It is not a reward, a punishment, or a favorite pastime. Get over it. Food is fuel for our bodies. The better fuel we put in, the better performance we get out. End of story.

Goal of the Week:

Eat breakfast within 2 hours of waking every morning this week. Good examples are: eggs with toast and fruit; PB&J sandwich on whole wheat; yogurt, fruit, and a handful of nuts; oatmeal; cold cereal like Cheerios, Kashi, FiberOne, etc. with skim milk and fruit.

There you have it. A tip and goal for the week. Come back next week for an update. Leave your comments and let me know how things are going.


Steph said...

I love the food is just food quote. I am printing that out huge and putting it on my fridge. I really want to get rid of the jiggle in my belly (sometimes I feel like Santa Claus), but i just can't quit eating!

Cammie said...

Very good!!