Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to P90X

Well, I survived my first week of P90X. Not bad! I got to do that back and chest workout where you do a million pull ups and a million and a half push ups again yesterday. I'm really sore today, but feel like I am getting a stronger upper body (honestly I didn't think that was possible...not to toot my own horn). Today is PlyometriX (I changed the name, it fits better don't ya think?) which is my favorite. I'll be pushing myself today and hopefully I don't die!

Did anyone who has done the P90X program think there is not quite enough cardio involved? I keep thinking I should add it but after doing 80-90 minutes of exercise I just don't have it in me to add more. Maybe I'll just do jumping jacks between sets during the weight workouts. Any thoughts?


Cammie said...

I never stuck to the full program. I just kind of picked and choosed. But I agree, there isn't that much cardio involved. However, after doing the PlyometriX {much better name} for a month I increased my cardio stamina by 200% So when I went back to hard cardio, I didn't skip a beat and was in MUCH better overall shape.

Leisa said...

Yeah, I can see how that can happen. I did the plyos super-charged today and had to stop short on some of the sets so I could breathe. Much better this week. My legs were on FIRE!

Anonymous said...

I am going to order this, I've been reading up on it all over the 'net. Can you tell me is there a substitute for the pull-up bar ? I don't know that I can have one, we have an odd shaped entrance to our basement. Thanks !

Leisa said...

No, I think in order to do the program as designed you need a pull up bar.

BTW, who is "anonymous"?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I found your blog when googling all kinds of p90x stuff, I'm a Mom of 3 kids, with a knee injury and stopped all of my running...gained 30 lbs !

I am going to get the p90X, I'll need to remedy the pull up bar situation somehow. Thanks !