Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Circuit/Interval Training

Need something new for your 2008 workout routine? I know I do. If you are smart you didn't take time off to gain weight for the holiday's, but instead kept on truckin' and doing what you normally do. Now that things are going to slow down maybe you would like to switch things up and shock your body.

Here is a weight training and cardio circuit that I like to do three times a week. You will do two leg days and one arm day (you burn more calories doing legs because they are a bigger muscle group than arms). The weight is just enough that you can complete at least 12 reps and then really push yourself to finish 15 reps with good form. Start out with 2 sets for about 2-3 weeks then add the third set when you can. The workout should take no more than one hour including warm up, abs, and stretches.

Good luck, have fun, and let me know how it goes. If you want a printable version or have any questions on the exercises just ask and I can email it to you. Here is to a strong and sculpted year!

BW=body weight
SB=stability ball or swiss ball


3 min cardio warm up

BW push up
1 min cardio
BW pull up (or use upper back machine)
1 min cardio
DB lateral side raise
1 min cardio
DB incline bicep curl
1 min cardio
DB skull crusher (use one DB and while on back bring weight to forehead keeping elbows in)
1 min cardio
DB bent over row
1 min cardio

30 bicycles
15 ball pass (on back, pass SB from feet to hands and touching ball to floor each time)
20 hanging crunches
30 back extensions on SB
60 seconds plank hold

Cardio options: jump rope, jacks, soccer taps on step, elliptical, jogging, run in place, etc.


DB or BW quarter squat (squat all the way down, come up halfway, go back down, then up)
1 min cardio
side steps with exercise band-20 reps each leg
1 min cardio
SB hamstring curl (on back, feet on ball, lift hips and curl heels to glutes)
1 min cardio
DB or machine one leg press
1 min cardio
BW lunge jumps (fast paced, jump from right lunge into left lunge and repeat 10-12 times)
1 min cardio
DB plie squat (feet wide and at 45 degree angle, squat low and squeeze glutes on the up)
1 min cardio

30 weighted ball crunch
30 weighted back extension (on ball or machine)
15 each side oblique pulses (lay on side on elbow and feet, pulse up and down)
30 reverse curl
60 sec plank with elbows on SB

So it looks like this:
Monday-leg circuit 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps (unless otherwise noted)
Tuesday-cardio of your choice
Wednesday-arm circuit 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps (unless otherwise noted)
Thursday-cardio of your choice
Friday-leg circuit 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps (unless otherwise noted)
Saturday-cardio of your choice
Sunday-active rest (walk with family, yoga, cleaning, marathon sex;), etc.)


Heidi said...

Would you mind sending me a copy I can print- Thanks! How is the training going?

Cammie said...

I did the upper body and added a few machine lifts with the new machines at thrive. I'm sore today, but in a good way!