Sunday, October 21, 2007

Working On Your Weak Area's

You know what they are...the parts on your body that just have the hardest time firming up or slimming down. Mine, for example, are my legs and booty (sorry, glutes). Sure they are strong but they also hold the most fat deposits on my body. One way to help this is a very advanced program that involves doing one set twice a day until fatigue for that particular body part.

Here's how it works. Say a man (or woman) wants to beef up his chest/shoulder area. What ever he does he just cannot build the type of muscle that he is looking for. So every morning he gets up, drops to the floor, and does push ups until he can't do anymore with good form. Then every night he brushes his teeth, puts on pajamas, and drops to the floor again for another set of push ups until failure. He does this everyday, 7 days a week for a month. What does it do? It forces the muscles to work again and again without much rest in between. This results in muscle strength/gain.

Same goes for women trying to slim down a certain body part. If it's your lower body, lunge jumps are great for this. Starting in a split stance (one foot in front of the other) bend knees with back knee close to the floor. Then jump up and switch your lead foot mid-air. Without stopping repeat left right left right until fatigue (when you no longer can do the exercise with proper form). Click here for an example of a correct Lunge Jump . Doing this every morning and every evening for one month.

The trick is to pick an exercise that requires no equipment so you can do it anywhere. That does mean no excuses either. You also do your set even if you are sore, tired or sick. Remember, it is just one set then you're done until later that night.

If anyone wants to try it, let me know. I can help you pick an exercise for the body part you want to work. By the way, this probably doesn't work for the brain....sorry!


Cammie said...

Weak Area's.....Oh where do I begin??? Thank you for the tip. I am going to set a goal to do some jump squats or jump lunges every morning and night. I have a strong butt and thighs too, but I wish they were a little bit smaller.

Bethany said...

Ok! I have a good one, my outer thighs! They aren't huge but I have been doing pilates and resistneces bands and they just seem to get bigger not slimmer! Help!