Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fall Vacation to Moab

We recently took our kids to Moab for the first time. Little did we know that they would love Arches National Park as much as we do. Trust me, Belle loved it even though it doesn't look like it above.

Tre practically dragged me down the mountain on the Delicate Arch trail. He decided it was much more fun (and faster) to run back to the car. I wouldn't let him do it on his own so we held hands and booked it, dodging others as we went.

Belle also liked hiking. She is coined herself "spider girl" because of how she can climb rock faces, small crevices and arches. People were truly amazed when they watched her scale large boulders. Jeremy only had a heart attack 30 or 40 times....per day.

We also found out that 4-wheeling is great, but just not in our Mazda. As we were bumping along a 14 mile trail, we bottomed out. We rolled on and heard a strange thump, thump, thump. Thinking we had at least one flat tire we pulled over to check. Good news! No flat tires. But...the sound was still there. After crawling under the car in the red dirt we found the problem. I don't know much about cars but something was bent and Jeremy had to straighten it out with a crow bar. Fun times, huh?!

Everything else went as planned and we had a great trip!
National Park visitor center
"Hang Loose!"

Looking at Delicate Arch
"Can you see the lizard?"
Right behind us is a HUGE cliff!
This is the view we sacraficed our car for
Making sand angels


Cammie said...

What a fun vaction. I love the sand angels. Your kids are so cute.

Leisa said...

Thanks! Did you get my reply to your email? I really want to put a space for personal success stories but I am not sure how. Do I just add a new post? Thankyou my computer geek friend!