Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Aahh...Halloween, you gotta love it. I look around me and I see a flying dragon (Belle), a zombie (Tre), and a crazy woman with big fluffy white-blond hair and an orange face. You know fake tanners came out in the seventies (i.e. orange face). We love Halloween at our house. What's not to love? Free candy, chocolate candy, free candy, chewy candy, free candy, sugary candy, and you get to dress up like anyone/thing that you want! Did I mention the candy?

This one is for you Kara! Thanks for being wild and crazy and funny. Get your groove on!

Yum, pumpkin guts! This is about all Tre did as far as pumpkin carving went.
"What the heck?" says boring, non dressed up Jeff
My pumpkin's in the Pumpkin Patch
"I love this!" Belle's favorite part is getting all the guts out. She is such a tomboy.
Yummy eyeballs! Kara made these treats for dessert and they were SO good. Like little balls of peanutbutter goodness with just a hint of bloody veins.
The finished product. The cute kitty cat was Belle's idea and the scary monster face was Tre's. Jer LOVED carving it out too! Yeah, right.


Cammie said...

Your little Belle is too cute. I love the picture with her hands in the pumpkin guts.

Kristen newton said...

Leisa, I'm glad you commented on my blog, I got to take a look at yours. So cute!

Thanks for organizing dinner for the instructors, that was fun to get together and just talk about life. We'll have to do it again!