Saturday, October 11, 2008

Winter Workouts

Now is the time of year that some people stop working out. Not because they think they are too busy. But usually because it is just too D@*% cold outside. Only they most dedicated runners can suit up in 75 layers to brave the windchill and slippery sidewalks.

Enter the gym. Don't have a gym membership? No problem! You have a gym in your own home and you don't even have to pay extra. Using household items can give you a great workout. The only hard part? Staying out of the kitchen and off the couch. Dedicate a small chunk of time during each day for your workout. Also dedicate a small corner, room, or even hallway for your workouts.

Okay, lets recap. We've decided that it's too cold to exercise outside. We've set aside a certain time each day to workout. And we've designated a space in your own home to be "the gym". Great, now lets get started!

If you are feeling really dedicated you can run out to the nearest Walmart, Sports Authority, or Big 5 and buy a few key items. A stability ball, 3-4 sets of hand weights (10 pounds and up), a jump rope, and even a chin up bar is all you'll need. Not in the market for new equipment? No problem. Just use these substitutions; a coffee table or chair instead of the ball, clean milk jugs filled with sand or dry beans hand weights, and an imaginary jump rope for (you guessed it!) the jump rope. Even your own kids can be usful heavy dumbbells. The chin up bar is a little difficult to substitute, but if you have any ideas leave me a comment.

Now for the workouts:

Monday: Arm and Cardio Circuit

Tuesday: Cardio

Wednesday: Leg Plyometrics

Thursday: Cardio

Friday: Arm and Leg Combination Circuit

Saturday: Fun Group Exercise

Sunday: Active Rest

Are you excited yet? We'll you'll just have to contain that excitement for a little longer. Stay tuned for explanations of the workouts. That will give you time to do what you need. Block out a time, find an empty space for your "gym", and gather exercise equipment.

Come back soon...