Monday, February 25, 2008

Job Description

To think that a couple weeks ago I was complaining that I was bored. My kids are getting older and don't need me as much, cleaning and cooking just wasn't cutting it, and Christmas was over and I was bummed about not having any thing to do. So I took on a new job (coaching), got new clients (training), and added them to the things I already do. Today, I was the busiest I have been in a while so when people ask what I do, here's what I think. Interesting question. I do a lot of things. What is most important? Probably being a mother. I thought I would make a list of the job titles that best describe me.





Personal Trainer

Gymnastics Coach

Dry Cleaner (you know, laundry)

Household Manager


Shopper: groceries, clothing, new black shoes Belle just has to have, birthday presents, etc.

Appointment maker

Snow remover

School Volunteer

Activity Coordinator


That about sums it up. My job is 16 hours long every day except for Sunday's. I sleep about 8 hours a night, but when I wake up I'm on the job until I go to bed. I know most of you out there know exactly what I am talking about. How do we women do it all? Well, when you are getting paid in love, kisses, and hugs it helps. Also, we know that if we don't do it, then it won't get done our way....which is to say the right way. So would I trade my job for a typical 9-5? Not a chance! Do I want a break every now and then? You betcha!


Kara said...

Notice that my list is favorite things not people. If it were favorite things you would for sure be on the list! Also nice job description. You could give yourself a huge pat on the back if you added up how much all of these jobs make to determine what your income should be. My guess is somewhere in the Million dollar a year range!

Cammie said...

It's all so true! We love it, but we need a break every now and again. I'm with you on that one!

Jozette Cerise said...

I think this is my life to a T! I miss you guys a ton...we need to have a Margarita night..!