Monday, November 19, 2007

The Whole (damn) Family!

Family pictures is such a wonderful time of year. You get to wrestle your kids in the bath ("but I took one last week!"), comb hair, put in piggy tails, find clothes that don't have holes, dirt, or marker on them, primp yourself, convince your husband to show up and maybe smile, and then try to get everyone to stand together and say "cheese" to the photographer. Who is an extended family member herself so she knew what she was getting into. Then you need to keep the kids clean, yell at them when they don't, and bribe them with toys if they will just stay still and smile a couple times. Belle is getting a My Little Pony and Tre is getting a Hot Wheels car.

But it isn't all stressful! Once they are done you now have a memory ingrained in your head and some in frames around your house too. Now when I talk about my 'crazy' family I can show them a picture too. Family is so important and so is preserving the memories. So here are a couple pics of that day. Nana must be so proud. I am sorry I didn't get all of you. My memory card was full and some didn't turn out. Oh, and overlook the friendly hand gestures! This is how the Smith boys say "I love you, now get out of my face with that camera". You just have to love them.


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