Monday, March 2, 2009

Legs, heart and core

Need an exercise that works your legs, heart and core? Do you own a trampoline??? Try it. I jumped with my kids yesterday for the first time since before winter and today my legs are still jello. Bouncing them high into the air is best for the legs, running around and falling and jumping works the heart, and laughing so hard I almost peed my pants worked my core...all the way down to the kegels :)

Plus my kids thought I was the best mom yesterday. Belle even told Tre that they are "so lucky to have a mom and a tramp so she can bounce us SO high". The best exercise is the kind when you don't even realize it's exercise because it's so much fun. Bonus!


Cammie said...

We need to invest in one of these, my kids begged for a tramp last summer...but we never got around to it. My neighbor in Herriman had one and I would jump on it with thekids all the time. They thought I was pretty cool because I can still do a mean front flip, but am nervous about the back flip....

Leisa said...

Yeah, back flips are nerve racking but I think a front flip is harder to land. Just my (professional) opinion :)