Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I guess I'll come clean. After 10 days and one mental breakdown I've decided to not follow through with the original plan. I guess there are more important things out there than worrying about getting fat. Yep, fat. I said it. Probably my biggest fear in life and it's really no big deal. So this is the end of my blog about my body image issues. I guess I will bury them and eventually they will go away. Here on out, if you choose to read this blog, you'll get fitness tips and occasional nutrition facts. Let's be professional here.


Meghan said...

I suppose it's the grand scheme of life gaining weight is not that big of a deal. Compared to cancer, homelessness and that sort of thing. But for those of us that struggle with it, it's a major stressor. Others don't seem to understand that. If you bury those feelings, they won't go away. You can try and deny them but it won't work. I've tried. So I'm still here to support you even if it's not through your blog.

Kristen Newton said...

It's amazing how hard we are on ourselves! I lose my baby weight and start to get some definition in my arms, but I can't stop looking at my huge hips or behind. I try to give myself a break, but it's hard! I don't even try to stop eating my sugar, I just LOVE it! I've decided that's why I work out, so I can have candy!!

Let's set up dinner! Wish you were coming to MaryLou's party!

Cammie said...

I am so proud of you! Don't be hard on yourself, you are amazing.